Special Regions Injuries

Treatment for Special Region Injuries in Boulder, Brighton, and Denver, CO

Advanced Care for Specific Facial Injuries

Special Region Injuries in Facial Trauma

When one thinks of facial trauma we often think of broken bones, cuts, and abrasions to the skin and other soft tissues of the face and oral cavity. While these are common injuries in facial trauma, injuries to other special regions of the face occur as well and these include:

  • orbits of the eyes
  • facial nerves 
  • salivary glands 

Complications of Special Region Injuries

As you can imagine, trauma to the special regions of the face can cause significant problems. 

Complications from injuries to these special regions of the face include:

  • Vision loss and/or loss of eye movement
  • Nerve damage
  • Facial paralysis
  • Loss of facial expressions
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Impaired saliva production

The delicate bones of our orbits cradle the eyes and protect the nerves and vasculature that help us see and visualize our surroundings. Damage to the orbits can easily put our eyesight and experience of the physical world at risk. 

The nerves that serve our facial features and muscles are responsible for sensory intake, chewing, smiling, and all the many other facial expressions the human face has. Facial lacerations and trauma can easily cut or otherwise damage these nerves and disrupt their function. Facial expressions can be lost along with full functionality of the facial muscles and sensory intake. 

The parotid glands are large salivary glands that lie in front of and just below the ear, one on each side of the face. They are the largest of the three major salivary glands and are responsible for about 10% of our saliva production. Although rare, trauma to the parotid gland and its duct can have significant consequences which can be difficult to treat. 

Using Cutting-Edge Methods for Accurate Repair 

Our team has a wealth of surgical expertise when it comes to treating specific region injuries. We use the most recent techniques, all fine-tuned to guarantee that therapy is as accurate as it is successful, from the dexterity of microsurgery, which addresses the most delicate nerve repairs, to the bold strokes necessary for repairing facial structures. 

A Comprehensive Method for Healing 

The broad terrain of recuperation extends beyond the boundaries of surgery. This entails broadening the scope of our treatment to include emotional counseling and post-operative rehabilitation—a comprehensive strategy that helps our patients at every stage of their recovery. 

Your Reliable Source for Specialty Injury Treatment 

Choosing Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is more than just a decision; it’s a step toward putting your health in the hands of a group of professionals who have perfected the treatment of injuries to the oral and facial features. Our steadfast dedication to cutting-edge surgical methods combined with a deeply rooted patient-centered care philosophy places us in a position to be your reliable partner in the Denver, Brighton, and Boulder areas.  

Set Out on Your Road to Healing 

A special region injury can be a life-changing, life-threatening, and extremely stressful experience. We understand that. If you or a loved one has had a major facial trauma, contact Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery today.