Teeth in a Day

Efficient Teeth in a Day Solutions in Boulder, Brighton, and Denver, CO

Losing teeth has unpleasing effects on your appearance and well-being. You can get dentures for a quick fix but they can be uncomfortable and can move during awkward situations. What you need is Teeth in a Day. It provides a natural-looking, stable implant-supported repair to replace lost, broken, or loose teeth right away.

What is Teeth in a Day?

Teeth in a Day is a special kind of dental implant procedure. In a regular dental implant treatment, it will take several months before new crowns are attached to the implants. Teeth in a Day expedites that process.

A temporary denture or an implant-retained removable denture will be placed immediately after the procedure rather than later so that patients will not go without teeth for months. After the healing process, your denture will have to be changed or modified before permanently attaching it to the implant.

If you are about to have multiple teeth extracted soon or missing all of your teeth, you might want to think about Teeth in a Day. As long you are healthy, you’ll get a higher chance of success if you immediately go through the procedure right after losing the teeth. 

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Many patients have opted for Teeth in a Day procedure rather than the traditional tooth treatment implant because of the following benefits:

1. Patients will not spend time without teeth. Not only will it have benefits aesthetically, but also helps retain chewing ability, preserve the facial shape, and retain clear speech.

2. The temporary dentures will protect the dental implants until they completely bond with the jawbone.

3. Patients retain their confident smiles throughout the healing process.

Understanding the Process of Teeth in a Day

At Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we offer Teeth in a Day in Denver, CO, you can bring your smile back in just one appointment. After an initial appointment when we will revisit your medical and dental history and check your overall health condition, our staff will take a high-resolution CT scan of your existing jawbone structure. This scan will help our dentist determine the best location for the implants and create a plan for the procedure.

During the surgery, the dentist will cut through the gums to expose the jawbone. In cases where a bad tooth is present, it will be extracted so the bone will show. Holes are drilled through the bone where the implants will be inserted.

Sometimes, the jaw bones have receded due to the long duration of tooth absence. In such cases, the space on the jaw will be filled with bone grafts to hold the implants.

After the implants are inserted, a set of temporary restorations are attached to them. They are designed to fit perfectly over the dental implants to function reliably. This means that you’ll leave the clinic with teeth right away and still smile with confidence. After the Teeth in a Day procedure, the dentist will give aftercare instructions and you’ll take time for the implants to heal.

After the Procedure

You will return to the clinic once your implants have had time to heal. At this time, you’ll have the option to retain the temporary restorations and make them permanently attached to the implants. Otherwise, impressions will be taken to create your final restoration. Once our expert technician has crafted your permanent denture, you’ll come back to the clinic for the final time to attach it to your dental implants.

Bring Your Smile Back Today

There is no need to spend a long time waiting to replace your missing teeth. With Teeth in a Day in Denver, CO, you can have dental implants and restorations in one appointment and never spend a day without a confident smile.

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