NobelPearl Implants

Revolutionary NobelPearl Implants in Boulder, Brighton, and Denver, CO

Dental implant treatment has advanced significantly in recent years. Patients with missing teeth now have several options for bringing back their confident smile. If you’ve been having second thoughts about dental implants because of the metal screws, the revolutionary NobelPearl Dental Implants in Denver, CO might just make up your mind.

What are NobelPearl Dental Implants?

A NobelPearl implant is a name-brand product that offers a 100% metal-free dental implant to anchor your restorations. Instead of titanium, the implant is made out of Zirconia, a ceramic material that is designed for soft-tissue attachment and thin mucosal biotype.

The white implant is divided into two components that fit into one another to offer more restorative flexibility compared to one-piece implants or cemented ceramic implants. The NobelPearl Zirconia implant is designed for excellent stability and can be used to accommodate single or multiple restorations.

One problem with Titanium implant screws is that they often show up at the bottom of the restorations. With NobelPearl dental implants, you can expect an aesthetically pleasing appearance that blends well with your gums.

Benefits of NobelPearl Implants

A dental implant in itself can bring wonders to your smile, but a NobelPearl ceramic dental implant has amazing benefits you will not achieve with a titanium implant.

1. Better Aesthetics

The color is arguably the most obvious advantage of a ceramic dental implant. Since ceramics are a white material, their aesthetic qualities are obvious, particularly in patients with a thin or delicate soft tissue biotype. Zirconia implants also cause less mucosal discoloration than titanium implants. Patients who are extremely concerned about titanium’s potential visibility may find comfort in using a ceramic implant.

2. Perfect for Soft Tissue

Metal-free implants like NobelPearl Zirconia implant is biocompatible, meaning, they are not harmful to living tissues. Even better, they are soft-tissue friendly. That’s why they cause less inflammation than titanium implants but with similar effective osseointegration (merging of the implant and jaw bone) results.

3. Less Plaque

The NobelPearl ceramic dental implant has proven to have low plaque attraction, high rate of corrosion resistance, and less bacterial adesion. It also benefits patients who have allergies or sensitivities to the metals normally utilized in implant treatment.

Process of NobelPearl Implant Procedure

At Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we offer NobelPearl Dental Implants in Denver, CO, to patients medically fit to undergo the procedure. During the surgery, the doctor will create a tiny incision into the gum tissue to reveal the bone underneath. The implant will then be firmly inserted into the jaw bone. Afterward, the incision are closed using stitches.

For up to six months, the NobelPearl ceramic dental implant will bond with the jaw bone. The ceramic abutment, or support structure, that connects the implant screw to the restoration can be placed once the healing process is finished. The Inter-X internal connection, a carbon fiber screw, will give the screw and abutment extra stability. This connector is intended exclusively for use with ceramic implants.

On your next appointment, we will take an impression once the abutment is in position. This impression will be used by our lab technician to create your final ceramic restoration. You will get a tooth replacement that is both visually pleasing and long-lasting at the end of the procedure. Your ceramic restoration should ought blend in perfectly with your original teeth.

Exploring the Advantages of NobelPearl Dental Implants

There are many gains when opting for metal-free dental implant, like the NoberlPearl Dental Implant in Denver, CO. If you find this ceramic implant fitting to your dental needs and want to know more information, our team at Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is here to help.

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