Pioneering Oral and Facial Technology

Modern methods and technology are now available as alternatives to traditional dental diagnosis and treatment. They provide new solutions to the growing dental health problems many Americans are experiencing today. At Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, our state-of-the-art facility offers Technology for Oral and Facial Surgery in Denver, CO to ensure that we can help patients in every way with whatever dental issues they face.

Harnessing the Power of Intraoral Scanners

A device called a digital intraoral scanner is used to capture digital pictures of a patient’s mouth. It is placed inside the mouth to take digital images that dentists can utilize to diagnose oral health issues in individuals. Dental surgery planning is another application for the scanner. Since the images are crisp and precise, precise diagnoses and strategies can be made with them.

The scanner is superior to conventional techniques in several ways. It is considerably more precise and works faster. Furthermore, the outcomes are far more accurate. Whichever treatment the scanner is used for, it provides better the final product with fewer issues compared to other scanners.

Revolutionizing Dentistry with Cone Beam CT Imaging

One unique kind of 3D scanner that is usually utilized for dental imaging is the cone beam CT scanner. It creates high-resolution 3D pictures of teeth and the surrounding oral structures. The Cone Bean CT helps dentists view details that are otherwise harder, if not impossible to see with conventional two-dimensional X-rays.

Furthermore, patients spend less time in the dentist chair since cone beam CT scanning is substantially faster than standard CT scanning. Cone beam CT scanners are also far less expensive than conventional CT scanners, which makes them a sensible choice for dental patients.

Unleashing the Potential of CO2 Lasers

Like all lasers, C02 lasers are tools that create light energy beams. The lasers can cut through gums like scalpels or vaporize tissues they reach. CO2 lasers assist dentists in carrying out a range of operations and treatments because of their effectiveness and safety.

With the controlled thermal effects and nerve-ending sealing provided by CO2 lasers, patients can have a more stable and comfortable procedure. CO2 lasers frequently produce less pain than conventional dental drills, which lessens the need for anesthesia. Additionally, they reduce swelling and bleeding during soft-tissue procedures, which promotes healthier gums and teeth. Furthermore, CO2 lasers shorten the duration of procedures and, in many circumstances, eliminate the necessity for sutures.

Although there are certain drawbacks to using CO2 lasers, such as their limited application in routine dental treatments (like fillings) and their significantly higher cost ($600 for a conventional drill vs. a few thousand dollars for the same procedure), these are outweighed by the benefits of CO2 laser use.

CO2 lasers can help with surgeries like Gingivectomy (surgery to remove tissue), Gingivoplasty (surgery for reshaping gum), and Frenectomy (surgery for lip-tie or tongue-tie. They can also help remove fibroma, cysts, and other oral cavity tumors.

Exploring the Precision of Guided Implant Surgery

Guided implant surgery is a modern implant method that uses high-tech dental technology, like 3D cone beam to replace lost teeth with a precise design and execution. It is a more effective and accurate way to place implants in the jawbone compared to traditional implant surgery, particularly when placing several implants.

Although traditional implant surgery is effective in single dental implants using CT scans or X-rays, it isn’t the case for multiple implants. Dentists use guided dental implants to accurately place the implants and determine whether the implants are properly positioned until after the procedure.

Less invasive surgery and shorter healing durations are also possible now, thanks to guided implant technology’s improved precision.

Experience Advanced Dental Technology

Denver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery offers Technology for Oral and Facial Surgery in Denver, CO, as well as in Brighton and Boulder communities. You can trust that our modern facility has the right methods and tools to treat whatever dental issues you need help with.

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